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Anyone here running a Lasertec front and ME880 rear?


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Should be fine. I have those tires on my '91 Guzzi Le Mans and they wear well and give no traction issues. I don't ride the old stove all that often as it doesn't much like the refined camel snot they call gasoline these days. I have to mix in 105 octane race gas at about $8.00 per gallon to keep it out of detonation on hot days.

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Thanks for the reply Ed.


Another question.


The front tire I currently have on which is a Metzler is size 110/80VR18. The Lasertec is a 110/80H18.


What is the difference between a VR and an H?


Thanks for any info you may have.

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What is the difference between a VR and an H?

V = max speed ~149 mph/R = radial, H = max speed ~130 mph.

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Went ahead and ordered them from SW Moto Tire. No sales, tax, no shipping charge.


Will remove wheels from bike and take them to dealer for mounting and balancing.


Thanks for your advice.

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My last set on my K100RT was an ME330, and and ME880. The ME330 and the Lasertec are pretty similar.


Note that both Metzeler and BMW OK'd the use of an ME33 (the precursor of the Lasertec, and they both look identical) with the ME88/ME880.


I also went up one size. The ME880 is not avalailable in the original stock 130/90-17 size BMW originally used on the rear. It IS available in 140/80-17 which I used, and it works just fine.


I also went one size larger on the front, replacing the stock 100/90-18 size with 110/80-18.


Note that with the slightly lower aspect ratio of these tires, you need to add about 1 to 1-1/2 more psi at the front and about 2 psi more at the rear.


For what its worth, for the last set of tires I switched from Metzeler to Michelin Macadam 50s. I didn't like the fact that some of the above sizes in Metzeler were not avalable in a "V" rating. Also I was not at all impressed with the life of the ME880 I was getting.



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