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Connecting an Ipod to a R1200RT


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Hi all,

I just purchased a "slightly used" 05 R1200RT. Its a great ride, I love it. It came with the factory radio and CD player. Radio OK, CD... not so good. I have an original IPOD and I'd like to patch it into the AUX channel for the radio. At this point I really I do not care for it to charge from the battery on the RT. I just want to be able to hear my music via the speakers. I have read some other posts about ipods to this fourm and the luxury touring forum and they all appear to involve significant modification. Stuff that I would rather avoid, I just wanna hear my music.

1. does the RT radio have an aux plugin?

2. where is it? and How do I get to it.


Any answers to my questions are greatly appreciated.



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Go to Circuit City or someplace like that and get a FM transmitter for your iPod.Probably around $20-$25,tune your radio to the frequency and good to go. thumbsup.gif

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You can use the "aux" channel of the radio but it is about $100+ and a bunch of work but it works great. There is a thread last September from some GB member that described everything you need to know. I did it and am very happy but it was a lot of work. Do a search if you want ot find out more.

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Beware though, the FM transmitter will deplete the iPOD battery more quickly. I found my iPOD mini dropped about 50% when using the FM transmitter. I'm using the Griffin iTRIP. Works well though. And it's also a good idea to keep the iPOD on your body rather than on the bike.. better for the harddrive ( if you have one of those models ).

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