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Off to get new rubber for the RT


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I am leaning hard towards Michelin Pilot Roads. I have Metzlers now and they did a good job but have always been partial to Michelin. I am a big guy and am looking for some good handling tires. I know that there are almost as many threads about tires as the Da Vinci Code, but I figure better to hear now then later if there is an issue with the Pilots. I also swear all of those puns were not intended smile.gif




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I have had good luck with Bridgestone Battle axe BT20. Good handling, super sticky, 8 to 10 thousand for mileage at 40 lbs air pressure, less expensive also.

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We could, and have, argued the merits of Michelin vs. Metzler vs Dunlop vs Avon. Personally I lean toward Metzler road tires, but if I needed a new set and my brand wasn't available I wouldn't hesitate to put on set of Pilots. It's all good.

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Bruce Barrow



I have a 99 R1100RT. New with Metzlers, next set were Bridgestones, and now have about 5,000 mi. on Pilot Roads. Will buy the Michelins again; no downsides that I've discovered and the wear seems to be better than either of the other two. Still need to do more twisties; beginning to see a flat center on the rear tire. I run about 40lbs in each tire and they carry my 205lb. body without protesting. Good luck.



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Just letting go of my Pilot Roads and going to Metzler Z6's. Tread wear is great with the Pilots, but at 8,500mi. the front is so cupped, the bike will no longer handle in the turns with confidence. 41-42lbs up front and 40 rear. According to my local rice dealer, 8,500mi is way to long to have a set of tires on anyway tongue.gif Could probably get a few thousand more out of the rear, but am going for a complete set anyway.

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Al Navecky Jr

I got 6500+ on my Pilot Roads. 38PSI F, 42PSI R They are flat spoted. Need to do more twisties Great wet tire. My only problem was the front howls. Trying Pirelli Diablo Strada’s next.

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You mention good handling. What is your definition of that?


If you are talking maximum traction and stability at the limit of adhesion, I would think something like a Pilot Power front and a Pilot Road rear would be the way to go.


If your only talking about ease of turn-in, I would check for a tire with a more triangular profile, although, again, the Pilot Power seems to be a good choice for that.


The BMW doesn't make enough power to worry too much about things like leaving darkies or spinning the rear wheel on corner exits, hence the suggestion of the Pilot Road for the rear.


A benefit? to this combination is the front will wear out at about the same time as the rear so you only have to go one cycle to get that new tire feel back. I do a lot of highway riding (few real curves) and my rear Z6 was at the cords on the center at 8K miles, the front, with 10K on it now will last about as long as the D208 I have on the rear. I then plan on going with that exact combination, PP front, PR rear. Oh, btw, this is on a Honda Blackbird with 137 RWHP and about 100 lbs lighter than an RT.

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Mich, Pilot Road, accept no substitutes or bad and poorly taken data, only the finest for you, and me. clap.gif


This was my front PR at about 8,000 miles. 41psi


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