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All Things AeroSPACE


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In other words all things flight related with an emphasis on Space.

Lots of recent developments that are best presented via videos. 


Here’s a SpaceX StarShip recap & update......

(The last half of the video is Elon describing what he believes will come in the future).



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Rocket Lab is an up & coming alternative launch provider for small payloads.

Here is a video from Tim Dodd (Everday Astronaut) interviewing Peter Beck (CEO) discussing their new rocket larger launcher Neutron. 


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Stratolauncher was at it again today for the 3rd test flight. https://www.geekwire.com/2022/stratolaunchs-mammoth-airplane-aces-its-third-flight-test-building-on-paul-allens-legacy/amp/

Roc’s mission has changed from its original intent of launching rockets to space to now launching a reusable hypersonic test bed. 



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