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2 hours ago, Rougarou said:

Which falscast to believe?


weather.com,  accuweather.com, and wunderground.com



Knowing you a little bit, I'm guessing you're prepared for either event....Which forecast do you like best?  Accuweather doesn't miss it very often here...  

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I'm fine with either.  My gen is full and my propane just got it's rotational fill.


It'll come down, it'll be purty, then it needs to go away. 


If we get the heavier, my pastures are prime sledding areas, just may have to duck under the electric fence if you speed to fast.

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I live less than a mile from an airport that has a NOAA weather station.  There have been times when I'll log on and the forcast is for temp 10 above with wind 3-5.  Scroll to current conditions.  Temp negative 3 with wind at 13.  Sometimes these guys need to check in with their data collection points or open the steel door on that windowless concrete block building they're sitting in.

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