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Rear Brake Master Cylinder corrosion

Dr Klawn

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With 10 years of age on my 96 R11RS, I'm wondering about the longevity of the rear master cylinder. The rubber dust boot that covers the brake pedal piston rod is brittle with age cracks. When I checked the portion of the rod on the interior of this it was all rusty.... The unit has not leaked as of yet but I'm concerned since I had to replace the front MC last August due to leaking, etc. It was well past the point of using the rebuild kit. I've owned the bike for 3 years and have change the fluid per spec. every year. I'm not 100% sure what the previous owner did....


Does anyone know of a cleaning / check procedure on this? There's no breakdown shown on the parts fiche or in the Clymer / Haynes books. Is this just a disposable item? I'm about to install new stainless brake lines and would rather not have to break all this down again in a short time for more work tongue.gif



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The parts catalogue shows it as one part with no rebuild kit. Part number: 34312314547 which costs 96.80 at Chicago BMW.


You could probably find parts to rebuild it at a hydraulic shop if it can be taken apart. On the other hand the old one might make a great spare for the new one. thumbsup.gif

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