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A Little Wimpy at High Speed?


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It looks like the bike fixed itself. Today I took a pretty spirited ride with some friends over some great rural roads. I was having a great time and noticed that I was doing over a hundred and hadn't noticed any hesitation at 93. Just experimenting, I ran the bike from 80 to 105 several times in 5th and 6th gear. The bike pulled like a champ. I am a happy camper. :5210:  The wimpiness is gone!

Analyzing what has happened over the past month, I think that what I had was a partial blockage in my fuel system caused by ethanol gas. I bought a nearly 5-year-old bike with less than 3500 miles on the clock. Doing a little math, the previous owner would have averaged filling the bike with gas about once every 3 months, at best. In the past month I have put 2200 miles on the bike. I have twice treated the gas with injector cleaner and have used a lot of Techron treated gas. So, those are my thoughts.  Next month the bike goes into my shop and gets a 12K mile service and all the fluids will be changed. Hopefully that will take care of some future gremlins.


My thanks to all for the responses. By the end of February I will pretty much know this bike inside and out.:4322:

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