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D.B. Cooper solved


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Sounds rather convincing:




It was solved by patience and persistance by a pilot and skydiver with a longstanding and keen interest in the case that is 50 years old and the only commercial flight hijacking that until now had never been solved.  It doesn't make the FBI look good either.  Despite intense publicity at the time, untold manhours by law enforcement, more than twenty books published on the case, an ongoing public interest and a cult-like following of interested individuals with yearly fan-club meetings exploring every concieveable aspect, plus an official FBI investigation that was bungled repeatedly and then aparently coverd up with layers of false information to hide the simple errors and mistakes from the public, there never was a successful resolution to this case.  The solution was right in front of them the whole time but early errors in judgement, blunders, and faulty logic, plus a very smart team of three outwitted everyone and prevented a successful investigation.  The real story is a rather heartbreaking tale of a decorated, special forces Viet Nam veteran, his wife and her sister, plus two young children, an otherwise very decent Mormon family from North Carolina.  

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I’m trying to remember back and more specifically, if the two hundred thousand seemed like a lot of money. Probably did then. :dontknow:  Now it just seems so Dr. Evil. :classic_biggrin:

I guess carrying the cash out the back door was a learning curve.

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I have an engineer that works with us that annotates his powerpoints with D.B. Cooper, since that's kinda his name. 


Sooo, I'm at this "higher level" meeting and a real senior government (a GS-2000 or something) guy comes to me and asks me if I know a D. B. Cooper.  Well, I say, "yes, he's the guy that jumped out of a plane a few years ago and nobody found him".  Seems senior government people and senior my people don't like when sarcasm hits cause you get nasty looks like "how could you say that to a potential customer", or "that's not very professional".

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Yes, I watched the whole thing, stem to stern.  


Tewks hit the nail (he probably cheated and watched the whole thing):

12 hours ago, TEWKS said:

I guess carrying the cash out the back door was a learning curve.


Five months after this hijack he repeated it, correcting the crappy moneybag problem.  This time it worked, he made it home with $500K cash but got nabbed, went to prison, and escaped, twice.  The FBI said all along that this was a copy-cat hijack and was not otherwise related to the first one!!  Go back and watch how they screwed up this investigation, too.  Unbelieveable.


It is a very good vid, amature job, given, but the story is pure folklore gold and presented factually with excellent doccumentation and ample uninturrupted time given to the witnesses, investigators, and surviving family.  I hope hollywood doesn't get their greedy biscuit hooks on it and bastardize it, but we know they will.  


"It's not about who makes history, but who writes history."  Unfortunately.

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John Ranalletta
13 hours ago, BamaJohn said:

Did you watch the whole 2+hrs ?   I bailed at about 40 minutes :java:  


As did I (and skipped to the end).  Dan Gryder is insufferable.

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