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Klim AI-1 Airbag Vest Review

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Klim AI-1 Airbag Vest Review intro

Over the last several years, airbag technology has made the descent from the Olympian pinnacles of motorsport to the grubby hands of mere mortals. As it relates to motorcycles, airbag tech was developed for racing on pavement, and the consumer versions of most units focused on street riders. However, Klim has teamed up with In&Motion to create the AI-1 Airbag Vest, powered by data from the 2021 Dakar Rally, with both street and adventure algorithms.

Klim AI 1 AirbagVest app4One of the first things you’ll do with the AI-1 Airbag is set it up with the In&Motion app to register the module. The application and registration process is easy, although it does feel like an extra expense after purchasing the vest. If you choose to outright purchase the module for $399, you receive a two-year warranty and standard support service. If you opt for a subscription for $12 per month, or $120 per year, there are a few extra perks such as an unlimited warranty, an option to trade up for a new box after three years, VIP support service, and the ability to cancel or suspend service at any time.

After set-up, the app checks for firmware updates and updates the module as needed. You can set up the module to connect directly to your Wi-Fi network and update itself anytime it’s plugged in, too. Charging the module does need to be done while it’s disconnected from the vest, but it only takes about three hours to charge via micro-USB and lasts 25 hours when riding, or about 15 days in stand-by mode.

The app is used to change modes between Street and Adventure on the fly. Unfortunately it does require a data connection to operate, but the module will remember the mode last used, even if turned on and off. If I know I’ll be in an area without signal, I set the mode ahead of time. Adventure differentiates from Street mode by generally allowing for more fun in the form of additional vibration, reduced traction, catching a little air, or slow/stopped tip-overs without inflating. In&Motion states the Adventure mode is for use on drivable tracks, so if it’s not considered a passable track for most road-going vehicles, it might be too intense for the airbag.

In the event of a deployment, the AI-1 Airbag expands within 60 milliseconds to provide protection for your spine, neck, chest, and abdomen. Afterward, users can check the vest’s bladder for leaks and swap out the new cartridge if needed. Each vest is good for up to three deployments before replacement. Aside from being just an airbag, the vest incorporates a CE Level 1 back protector for safety, even if the vest doesn’t inflate.

Once your regular jacket is zipped up, the AI-1 becomes easy to forget, most of the time. The vest is an extra layer, featuring a large air bladder, so it can add some warmth by way of reduced breathability, but Klim did a great job of incorporating panels of breathable stretch fabric and mesh to allow air movement around and under the vest while in motion. However, you do need to make sure there is just over five inches (13 cm) of room or stretch in your jacket to accommodate expansion of the airbag, In&Motion provides a guide on their website to measure your body and jacket to ensure proper fitment. I’ve paired the vest with all of my jackets after removing the back protectors and they all had enough room.

Klim AI 1 AirbagVest 1

Overall, if you’re looking to add an extra cushion of protection the AI-1 is a cutting-edge way to do so. It’s lightweight and more comfortable than expected, and versatile for use on and off pavement.


MSRP: AI-1 vest—$399.99 | In&Box module subscription—$12/month or $120/year, or purchase for $399


  • Adventure detection mode for use off pavement
  • Comfortable enough to forget when wearing
  • Continuous automatic firmware updates


  • Extra cost for module purchase or subscription feels like two purchases
  • Unable to reach power button while wearing 
Klim AI 1 AirbagVest back2

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