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luggage cases 1150 RT repair


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broke off the latch that locks the case to the bike (went down due to a water crossing with that real slick green stuff in it.) Can that be fixed or do I need a new case?

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Wayne Cowen

Come on.....someone with an ingenius inexpensive fix come forth on this. I have been putting off fixing mine now for about three years. Broke the cast aluminum hook on the left bag in a similar incident.....have been holding the bag on since then with a tightly stretched bungy cord. If it departs the bike one of these days I will kick myself for not getting a proper fix done......whatever that is.

The options I am aware of are expensive.....might as well just buy a used bag. Would appreciate comments from someone who has been down this road before.

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seem that I need the multi function box as my key locks still work...any body had one of these apart yet? looks like drilling out some rivets maybe? still have the broke off piece...any ideas?

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I have the same problem. Broke off both sides in a wreck. I took one of the lock assemblies apart(drilled out all the rivets). It's really not that hard and with a little patients you will have everything separated in a half hour or so.


The problem that arises at this point is that no one sells the broken latch by itself. You have to buy the entire assembly for about $200.00 new. Less if you're lucky enough to find a used one. While I had mine apart, I drew up the latch (engineer by trade) and I am presently looking for someone to make it for me for a reasonable price. If I have any luck I will post to this forum and let everyone know.


As far as putting it back together, be sure to use flat head rivets, otherwise the assembly won't fit in the bag properly. You can get the rivets from www.mcmastercarr.com. The part number is 97524A060 and they come 100 to a box for $8.35 plus shipping.

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