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BMW R1200RT-P's operate on REGULAR, 87 OCT FUEL (who knew?!)


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Hmm, I guess that the RT-P's are tuned differently than those lowly civilian RT's.   I came across this while looking .... well, for something else (as usual).  I thought it a curious marketing statement.


"Operates on Regular Fuel with outstanding fuel economy resulting in dramatically lower operating costs."


Full (2015) RT-P brochure here:  https://aws-p-app1.bmwcenternet.com/bmw_mc_police/Media/Media.aspx?uid_media=323&uid_media_type=2

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  • Scott9999 changed the title to BMW R1200RT-P's operate on REGULAR, 87 OCT FUEL (who knew?!)

Owners manuals for all the wetheads say they can be programmed by the dealer to operate on 87 octane. 

Hexheads and Camheads can adjust themselves.  Hexheads can use 87 octane, Camheads want at least 89. Anything less than 93 will produce slightly lower fuel mileage and power, except at higher altitudes.

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95 RON is about 91 AKI in the USA (the manual says 89 AKI/octane).  91 RON is the alternative, not the recommended fuel grade, or 87 AKI/octane.

Yes, you can run regular unleaded and unleaded with 10% ethanol.   The higher octane is recommended, not regular.   YMMV.


Knowing the above and this chart below, I was surprised BMW is marketing their RT-P's as "regular fuel" motorcycles, since their recommendation says otherwise.

I think I ran 87 octane regular in my Hexhead, but I paid a lot more for my Wethead, so I'll probably stick with premium, ethanol free during winter.  😏



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Here in the rural Midwest, 87 is often the only thing available. If I have to do a fill of 87 now and then, I don't lose sleep over it. But I ride pretty easy.

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21 hours ago, BrianM said:

2018 GSA from the owners manual - Normal unleaded 87 AKI.

My 2914 GS specified 89 as minimum but ran fine on 87.

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Endless debate!


Post #4 shows clearly the FIRST recommended fuel is A. 95 Roz/Ron  B. 89 AKI, then it tells you, Alternative fuel grade A.91 ROZ/RON B.87 AKI.


I boosted this so people may see what RON means to us in the USA for AKI,  which is the US (R+M)/2 number in the chart.  This is "our"octane rating.


I run nothing but 91/93 unless I cant get it.  Then I run what is there. 


90 85.9
92 87.8
95 90.7
96 91.6
98 93.5
100 95.5
105 100.2
110 105


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Your a very lucky man, great gas mileage and tire wear.  BUT even luckier your bike didn't fall over while being towed!  It's easy for the bike to roll off the center stand, see proper tie down in manual.  This happened to a good friends bike, what a mess... 

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If it had fallen off I wouldn't have minded as it was on it's way to the dealer to meet with investigators from the NHTSA and engineers from BMW from Germany over the third set of Hayes calipers leaking. This led to the "stop sale" then the Brembo calipers replacement for all. As side note BMW never compensated me a penny for my headache, stress or time dealing with this "Pain in the _ss" issue from my first ride with the bike. Terrible customer service and will make me think twice about ever buying another BMW.






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