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2014, 2015, 2016 BMW R1200RT REPROM (applicable to 2017-2018 too?)


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Looking at an older BMW REPROM manual for 2014-2016 RT's.  Anyone know how much is different between those and the 2017-2018 model years?  I know that there was a transmission change/upgrade, but I would expect most of the bike and specs to remain the same.



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The BMW REPROM "manual" available for the wethead RT 1200 family for ALL years comes in the form of an updatable DVD for Windows, and the title is: "Repair Manuals R Models K5x K50, K51, K52".  It includes the GS and RT models only.  (RS is a separate DVD).  I regularly check on-line for updates and as a matter of fact, my copy has an update available as of the last month!  The part number is/would have been:  01 59 8 555 666.  



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