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FS: 1997 R1100RT $1000


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For the last 20 years, this has been my commuter.  The miles cut back a lot 10 years ago, and dropped to near zero with COVID.  Now I'm moving to Idaho and the commute isn't going to be on two wheels.


I'll be honest...probably best for parts unless you can fix it yourself.  The clutch is starting to slip.  Last month I had an issue starting it one morning (cold morning) and got an ABS fault.  If I have time, I'll get the fault read to determine if it's sensor or something else.  


Upgraded to Ohlin shocks a while back.  Tires are a couple of years old, have about 4000 miles on them.  Pilot Road 3 and 4, front and back.  Has after market seat (Sargent and Corbin combination - made by one and reupholstered by the other) and factory seat.  Battery is 2 months old.


Cases are in very good shape.


110k miles on the odometer.


If you're anywhere along I-15, I can deliver in about 3 weeks.

If you have any idea of who I can call in SoCal that does motorcycle salvage, I'll take that, too.  Other than the cases, I'm not willing to part it out. 


Basic picture attached.  More on imgur. 



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I just sold my R1100RT-P to Joshua today for parting out...a '99 model with 172000 miles on it. I planned on keeping and riding the bike indefinitely, but the gearbox had metal bits in the oil when I drained it two weeks ago. The gearbox repair would cost way more than the bike is worth, and after splitting the bike open for gearbox/clutch work at least 5 times over 16 years/122000 miles, I just don't feel like doing the work on it anymore. I've got an FJR1300 as my primary touring bike, so the old RT-P had to go. I was kinda sad watching it towed away on a trailer this morning, but at least somebody will get some good parts from it. I wasn't interested in parting it out myself, so Josh was the guy to call. 

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