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I'm sure some of you have some.


I didn't until this week. We are spending the holiday weekend in Bellingham, Washington with our son, DIL and granddaughter who is a student at WWU in Bellingham. Have a VBRO on Lummi Island. We went to Bellingham on Friday. Before going my granddaughter asked if we could get matching tattoos. I said sure. So we did.


Photographic proof.






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3 hours ago, Bud said:

I didn't until this week.



But wait - is this true? I thought you had a tiny bit of ink in a, uh, more personal area? ;)


For future visits, if you'd let me know you were in WA I would have ridden up to say hi - probably Laura and Jeremiah as well, though they both have busier schedules than I. 


No one wants to see, nor do I have any pictures of, my tattoos!

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Someone asked me about our sailing experiences.


We've owned almost as many boats as I've had Beemers.


Started sailing in 1970 while stationed at Ft. Benning, GA. They have a rec area at Destin and we pulled Hobie cats down there on weekends.


The pics are four of the actual boats we have owned.


Emma Mae being the current one and the Compac23 PH, the first photo the last sailboat.



pilot house.jpg



emma mae.jpg

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