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A neighboring forum shows the Zumo 396 on sale.  My 2012 RT has a powered harness in the instrument cluster cover.  Can anyone provide source for a connector to that harness? And, any experience with the Zumo 396?



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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Can''t help with your question, but I can tell you I think there's a "how to hook up a Nav" on this forum.  I seem to recall there being an instruction on which of the wires is power.  If so, you can cut that side off and either solder or crimp connector your Zumo onto the bike.

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2 hours ago, TEDZ said:

And, any experience with the Zumo 396?


from a few years ago ... so things might have changed .....  anyway the XT is a great unit ... I think the best they've made yet, also on sale but $399.   :cry:



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I have a 2012rt with radio. There are two plugs, GPS and rear speakers. It's been a while so I don't recall which is for GPS and which is for rear speakers. 

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