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Question about a new windshield

Don McFerran

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2011 camhead I am repairing after a wreck (PO).  recommendations for a windshield?  National cycles v-stream looks good, but is 2 inches taller, and I don't think I need 2 inches taller on an adjustable windshield. On my 2004 rt the adjustable wind shield is just the right size.

So, any other manufacturers I need to look at? 

Your opinions are welcome!   (How often do you hear that?)

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I have the v stream. Having 2 inches taller was why I installed it. For my height it made a big difference. I'm 5' 12" tall. Best investment I made. BMW OEM is way overpriced. Both are poly carbonate windshields. Not a fan of acrylic windshields. 

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I'm six foot, but I would not want a shield any taller than stock. I typically only have mine half way up, so I can easily see over it.  National Cycle is the supplier for the stock shield, which may be the reason they do not offer a competing shield of the same height.


If they would confirm that it fits my Hexhead, I would have a 7Jurock shield.  That little flip at the top edge looks just right to move air up and closely matches the popular (Wethead-only) Werks Quiet Ride design.


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2011 RT - after spending some dollars and miles riding behind various after market wind screens for my RT, I ended back with the stock screen.  At an age related, stricken 5' 10" , the taller after market wind screens don't work for me.  As previous posters have noted, I don't like looking through the screen (already looking through a full face helmet face shield and an eyeglass wearer).  So after Cee Bailey and other manufacturers very good quality products, I ended back with the BMW stock wind screen.   

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Werks windshields have a good following.   


This thread is relevant, too.



(Disclaimer: That post is dated 2015, so model/styles may have changed, and 7jrock's screens may no longer be identical to Werks, as claimed.  In fact, comparing the two offerings, the 7jurock appears to have more of a "flip" at the top than Werks, but, different camera angles.   Price is about the same, anyhow.  7jurock shields used to be about $40 to $60 less than Werks, but no more. YMMV.)


I bought a scratched but highly serviceable OEM take-off windscreen from Ebay, to replace my sport screen.  We'll see how that works out for me.   I won't be able to put some riding time with the stocker until this spring.  I may be looking for something with more protection.


I had a Cee Baily on my R1100RT-P and it was like a wall, i.e. I'm 6'2", and had to stand on the pegs during summer to get enough air over the top so that I wouldn't faint.  It's really tough judging how tall a screen to get, because what's "comfortable and well protected" for one rider, maybe "hurricane force winds and buffeting" to another of the same height.  Plus, one 6'2" rider may set his seat high and another, likes his low, and that has to impact screen height and effectiveness.    


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I have nothing but praise for the National Cycle's VStream on my '12RT.  5'9" and height is just right for me, easy to look over in mid position, and protective against heavy rain/hail fully up when required.  NC's site does have a good how-to on trimming a screen if it is too tall for your taste.  Sounds daunting, but I'd have a go at it if the height were a smidge too much.  Find it under "Windshield Bible" tab.

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