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From one turkey to another...


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Sorry to break with party-lines but my turkey is going to look like this. I’m going to Rare Steakhouse inside Encore. Now the only gamble is a full belly or leftovers. :dontknow: :classic_biggrin:
Enjoy the day! :thumbsup:


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7 hours ago, Bernie said:

Happy Turkey Day to you all! :eat:

I rather ride the day after Thanksgiving. 


You might have the roads all to yourself that day...a good thing!  :bike:

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It's only supposed to be in the 20s for temps on Friday, but a ride does sound good! People think I'm nuts for riding in those temps and colder, wouldn't want to disappoint them. Gonna be a hangover ride though, like every Friday after Thanksgiving. 

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A lady at the grocery store was sorting thru a stack of turkeys. She kept looking, until a clerk asked, “Can I help you mam?”


”Do these turkeys get any bigger?” she asked.  The clerk said, “No mam… they’re DEAD!”


Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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