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Personal Water Cooling System?


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I have noticed that even 98 degree heat doesn't bother me if my Under Armor t-shirt has just been doused with water. clap.gif But, unfortunately, the cooling effect of breeze flowing through an air mesh jacket over the doused shirt only lasts about 15 minutes. frown.gif So, my question is: Does anyone know if anyone makes a water pump system to keep trickling water out of a Camelbak-type bag onto a t-shirt or cooling vest? Or should I try to "jerry-rig" one myself? wave.gif

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There are gadgets called Cool Shirts sold by people like Simpson Safety Products for use by road or circle track racers. You could rig a recirculation system through a coil in a cooler and not have to deal with a total loss. Small acquarium pump would provide more than enough circulation.


Or, just don't wear the tee shirt under mesh gear (too much air flow) It will last about 4 times longer under a leather jacket with only small vents. You could also soak a sweat shirt rather than a tee shirt and get more water capacity.


I have done that when using my Aerostitch Roadcrafter, just soaked a sweat shirt, zippered the front all the way and left only the rear vent open. Lasted about 2 hours. Biggest drawback was the water wicking down into my shorts and eventually causing monkey butt as there is little to no air circulation in the seat. The Cool Shirt idea, while presenting its own problems what with teathering you to a cooler full of ice and the extra complication of the plumbing would be a far better solution.


The other thing I do, and it does help quite a bit, is to put my Camelbak, loaded with ice cubes and then topped with water, under my jacket. I have to hydrate while riding anyway and this does provide some measure of relief.

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I have found a cooling vest that is soaked for 10-15 min. before starting out to say cool under a mesh jacket for several hours. Certainly long enough to make it to the next stop where it can be soaked again.

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There was a "hoon cooler", that did what you are looking for, but I can't find a link to it.

Basically, it was a bladder with a "drip irrigation" hose around you neck/chest. Kept you moist and cool.


Anyone have the link, or know where it can be obtained?

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Steve Asvitt isn't currently making the Hoon Cooler. I love mine. Ed is right, to get the full effect of airconditioning you have to limit the air flow. Don't wear a mesh jacket and keep all the vents closed. If it's under 90 degrees you'll be too cold.


I still get questions when I wear my Hoon baseball hat grin.gifthumbsup.gif


All the following cut and pasted from Steve's Hoon Hardware website


Hoon Hardware is a company dedicated to improving the motorcycling experience. I'm a long-distance rider, so that gives me plenty of time to think of things that do exactly that.


In 2002, I rode in the ButtLite motorcycle rally. It seemed as though most of the 7-Day, 7000-Mile rally was run in 90-plus degree temperatures. I wilted in Phoenix and spent the day in a motel room with the air conditioner on instead of riding in the 110-degree heat.


After the rally was over, I was riding home to Montana and was between Houston and Dallas when I got an idea on how I could stay cooler. I pulled into a hardware store and a sporting goods store and cobbled together a rough working model of what is now known as the Hoon Cooler.


I couldn't believe what a difference it made in my ride — I could actually enjoy the ride instead of constantly thinking about how hot and sweaty I was. There was no need to pull over every hour to throw my tee-shirt in a gas-station, rest-room-sink to cool off again.


I started up a little company to produce and market the Hoon Cooler. I took the name from the Australian slang for hooligan. I like to think of a "hoon" as someone who rides in a "spirited" manner.


The folks who've tried the Hoon Cooler are really happy with the improvement it's made in their hot-weather riding. The Hoon Cooler is not currently in production, but we may bring it back soon, as I’ve had plenty of riders ask for one.


In 2003, I rode to many different rallies. I listened to riders, and I spent a lot of time collaborating with Aaron Zimmermann, inventor of the H.A.R.D System. (You can see the innovations Aaron has developed over at www.LEGALSPEEDING.com ) Aaron and I have created the Radar Box and MotoLocker system..


In late 2003, my brother told me about the new Roady XM satellite radio receiver. I immediately got one and took off on a 5000 mile ride. I came up with an idea for mounting the Roady on my bike, and that product is now available as the RoadyHolder. I get tons of feedback from people who really like the clean, simple way of hooking up their satellite radio.


After coming up with the RoadyHolder, I then developed the RAM Mounters for use on BMW bikes as an alternative to the very pricey replacement covers that allow RAM mounting.


Who knows what we’ll come up with next!


Hope to see you down the road!


Steve Asvitt

Hoon Hardware

6454 Shoreline Drive

Troy, MI 48085


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