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2016 GSA Brakes


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I have used EBC but this time I stocked  Carbone Lorraine and going to try them when it is time.   I like to have stuff in stock so when I get a wild hair I can just do the work. 


I like a sintered pads even though they are harder on the rotors.  It is up to you and your riding habits on pad composition.  Organic and non sintered pads work and are gentle on the rotors.  However I go everywhere fast, and not a brag just the way I ride.  I like to be able to stop as fast as I can because going every where fast means you might need to stop pretty fast on occasion :18:

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My independent BMW tech has found pads from DP Brakes, a UK company, to work best.  He gets them through Parts Unlimited.  


I just had new pads installed all round on my 2015 GSA three days go:  SDP528HH+ up front, and DP623 on the rear.


You can check out the company here:  https://www.dp-brakes.com


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