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Prestone 12 v booster question


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I have a Prestone jump box (12 v) booster, which is about 20 years old.  It has been sitting in a non-used condition for quite a few years.   The charger cord for it plugs into power outlet (cigarette lighter type plug) on the box which plugs into standard household outlet.   The last time I charged it using the cord, it never fully charged. 


My question is, will it take a charge if I hook my CTEK 4.3 charger to it?   Maybe the smart charger can restore it?


I just checked and the voltage is 11.55 v.


I like the portability of it for using it to power a small Slime air compressor, pre-heating Gerbing gloves, and such as the like.  That would be about the only need for it.   Not to jinx myself, but as far as car batteries, I do not really............................................. 'nuff said.


I was just wondering if it is even worth trying to charge it, or just dispose of it properly.   I suppose I could go ahead and just try, but I use the CTEK on my R 1200 C while it sits for the week, waiting for its turn in the weekly rotation with the RT.  I know it may take a while for the CTEK to do a thorough job of bringing some life back into it, but I thought I would ask the technically savvy board members first.






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I have a similar one that’s about 20 years old. Different brand. It has a 12v battery similar to our bike batteries. I’ve change it several times over the years and it’s still works fine. Mine also has a small ac converter on it. 
I carry it in my boat. I’ve jump started numerous neighbors cars

I think they are worth the price of a new battery and are a great tool to have

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I have pulled it apart to get at the battery.  I have it on my Optimate 6 and it is de-sulfating.  That explains why it would not take a charge.   I decided to hook directly to the battery (with it out) because when I hooked it up to the jumper leads, the Optimate 6 did not work to its potential.  I think all the little extras insidemprevented the Optimate from getting a true reading from the battery.  It seems to be working on the it now.   We shall see.




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