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Motobriiz Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oiler Review

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Motobriiz Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oiler Review intro

A popular television quiz show, “Jeopardy,” gives contestants answers, scoring players on how well they answer unusual questions. Imagine you’re a contestant answering, “Sensor used to measure aircraft air speed.”

If you respond first, “Pitot tube,” you win! Named for its inventor, the Pitot tube uses an open tube pointed toward oncoming fluid (or air), detecting resulting pressure difference, corresponding to fluid flow speed. And, interestingly, the Motobriiz Automatic Chain Oiler uses a similar concept: Wind-generated pressure from a forward-facing open tube on a motorcycle forces lubricant from a reservoir through tubing in order to oil the chain. When the motorcycle is in motion, chain oil flows from wind-generated pressure. When stopped, there no wind pressure, thus no chain oil flows.

The chain oil flow volume remains proportional to the speed of the motorcycle; at higher speeds, higher wind speed and pressure flow more oil.

Components of the Motobriiz Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oiler include a clear plastic input tube mounted forward on the bike; an optional moisture trap; a reservoir holding the lubricant supply; and an output tube connected to an industrial-grade F-1 felt applicator epoxied to the chain slider. A two-part Urethane adhesive and an alcohol swab (for cleaning oil from the chain slider) are provided for applicator installation.

Motobriiz Chain Oiler Review Component

The center ridge of the rubber chain slider must be trimmed the length of the applicator to mount the applicator’s porous surface flat with the chain slider.

Motobriiz Chain Oiler Review FlowIn operation, the chain moves atop the foam applicator, picking up lubricant and distributing oil among the external chain components (rollers, side plates, etc.) and sprocket teeth by way of centrifugal force created by the chain’s motion around the sprockets.

While modern O-ring and X-ring chains have factory-installed internal lubrication, not so the external roller surfaces and chain teeth. The Motobriiz Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oiler lubricates these surfaces for the purpose of extending chain and sprocket life. The manufacturer recommends virtually any motor oil (no exclusive chain lubricant required) for the reservoir.

The Motobriiz chain oiler kit includes a water trap. According to the vendor, the optional water trap is just that, optional, and useful only when riding is planned in extremely heavy rain or snowfall. A hard plastic transparent cylinder, one inch in diameter and five inches long, replaces a segment of the input air tube. Excess moisture condenses in the tube for later draining, preventing oil reservoir water contamination.

Installation of the Motobriiz oiler is direct, simple, and quick. The input air tube is fastened, open end forward, to the front of the bike. The tube is snaked through, under the seat, to the reservoir location, then cut to length and pushed onto a barbed reservoir fitting. The reservoir output tube, fastened to barbed fittings on the reservoir and on the applicator (attached to the chain slider), completes the plumbing.

Motobriiz Chain Oiler Review Installation

Common sense suggests no sharp bends in the tubing, no tubing contact with high-temperature engine components, and no interference with motorcycle operation from contact with the oiler parts.

The reservoir’s orientation isn’t critical, except the oil discharge should appear above the elevation of the reservoir oil level when the motorcycle is parked. An oil-absorbent pad is provided for mounting beneath the reservoir to absorb spills or leaks.

How does the oiler perform? Installed as directed, the device kept my chain lightly lubricated over several hundred miles of riding, from a slow, stop-and-go “parking lot” pace, to long stretches of interstate.

When parking overnight there was no oil dripping on the pavement. From actual riding experience, the device works as advertised. The evaluation model first tested was a “standard” model, with fixed-orifice oil flow, adequate for most applications. An available variable-flow model allows fine tuning of the oil flow rate.

For riders with more than one motorcycle, a kit with intake and discharge hoses and applicator, is available, permitting exchange of a single reservoir between bikes. Quick-disconnect fittings allow convenient hose changes as a reservoir is swapped among multiple bikes.

This is a “set it and forget it” chain oiler for those who favor external chain and sprocket lubrication.


MSRP: $69 (fixed flow-rate model) | $79 (adjustable flow-rate model) | $29 (second bike kit)


  • No electrical or vacuum connections
  • Only one moving part—the motorcycle
  • Reservoir switchable from bike to bike


  • Applicator must be replaced when worn

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