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Where have you been lately, with photos..


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and maybe a brief description. Your travels, big, small, near or far, any thing or place you find interesting.


I did a little last minute scouting for the upcoming Trans Fla ride in a few weeks so a few pics from today. Was just west of the Suwannee River, actually along the banks of the Withlacoochee, the one that starts in S.Georgia and flows into the Suwannee. The other Withlacoochie starts in the Green Swamp in central Fla and flows north entering the Gulf at Yankeetown.




not a a great shot but suffice to say it resembles the Suwannee with steep banks, small beaches, and little to no development. Two track thru a nearby state forest.












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Thanks guys. Every place has its own interesting stuff, just have to look around for it although I do like photographing old Florida as it is ever so slowly disappearing.


A few more, downtown White Springs. Back when I used to do the BMW club rides this place had the best Sunday buffet, sadly no more.




next door




across the street.




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Dave and I went back out today to check some things and get a few photo bonus locations.




Not on the route but may use for something later on, the old Lake City - White Springs road.





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We’re long overdue for a road trip, it was perfect weather,  Fall colors, a great car and amazing roads, what’s not to like. Same old roads I’ve been riding and driving over 40 years and having seen most of this country think it may still be the best concentration of technical pavement in it but I’m biased so I guess that’s still debatable. The key nowadays is having it to yourself, timing is everything and a couple weekdays in early November could be the ticket.









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For a minute I thought I’d done something unruly but turns out the wildlife officer was just tacking a sign on the tree, all trout have to be thrown back this time of year.






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Guess where this road leads.




That’s right, 318 turns in 11 miles, the world’s greatest two-way illegal racetrack : )





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Again, timing is everything and traffic was nicely sparse. The first few miles I was taking pics driving one handed, we passed a newish WRX pulled over and the driver waved then pulled out behind. I kept taking pics, pulled over to show Molly where Parsons Branch Rd comes out and let him by. He slowed and waited I told her he wants to play, she goes what is that I said you’ll see. He takes off we catch up shortly, cling to his bumper awhile then I got by when we were held up by a you-know-what. Unlike the white 08 this Boxster doesn’t have traction control, I’d never pushed it this hard but did get it sliding a little which is fun. He got around too but after a few more corners needless to say Mr WRX was no longer in the mirrors, altho later at the overlook he came over and we had a nice chat, I think it made both our days.




back to to the grind..






All in all all a great day of driving.



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More of the same today but went a different direction. If anyone’s interested in the roads we were on I could list them. 










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Winter is coming, so we traveled to Arizona for a week to store up some heat for the return to Michigan.  Then Susan worked on her bike.  I did help.



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  • 4 months later...

Tidal basin off the intracoastal.




Princess Place Preserve where Pellicer Creek enters the intracoastal near Matanzas Inlet.








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