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SOLD - FS: Sport Windshield (2014-2018 R1200RT, Windshield, Low, Part# 46638562239)


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This came as OEM on my 2018 R1200RT Mars Red package.  It should also fit the R1250RT's, but due your own research.

(Note:  I'm uncertain if the part number referenced in the title is the same part that came with my bike - BMW's descriptions are not clear.  It's listed as code 0560 "Windshield, Sport" on the bike's build manifest.)


It's in very good condition.  Not flawless, i.e. there are a few minor rock dings, but looking through it from either side, standing or siting, and it's absolutely clean.

Ignore the lint and other items that look like scratches in the close up image.  Those highlighted in red are the only thing visible to the naked eye, if you're nose to nose with the windshield.


It's properly boxed and ready to go.  28" x 23" x6", 6 lbs, 7oz.

You send me a US Post Office Money Order for $135.00 and self-addressed shipping label (i.e. UPS, USPS, FEDEX, whatever), and I'll slap the sticker on and ship it. 

(UPS is simplest for me, fyi.)


My zip code is 83854, and I'll drop it at the shipping facility (i.e. as long as it's in the Spokane - Post Falls - Coeur d'Alene area).


Thanks for looking.







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Shipping has been the problem for two potential buyers, thus far.  It'll be for sale on here until someone wants it.  I won't discount it below $135, i.e. just not worth it. Someday, maybe I'll take it to a forum event and trade it for something.



If you're interested in this, try a quote from these guys.   https://www.pirateship.com/

I haven't used them before, but if they sell you a UPS label at a bulk price (i.e. usually half of UPS retail), and UPS honors that label, not sure how it could go sideways (well, any more than anything else could).  Use a credit card, and worst case (i.e. fraud), ask the CC company to back it out.


Best option, if you work for a company that does high volume FEDEX or UPS shipping, that allows employees to ship to/from the company, you might get rates 25% of retail, or lower. (At least, that's how it used to be when I worked or consulted at several Fortune 100/500 companies.)

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