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USB cable questions- 2015 RT

2015 Blue RT

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My bike will be shipped to me sometime next month, and in the meantime I'm trying to read the manuals I downloaded and learn about it. I did a thread title search in this section for USB but did not find my exact answers.


1. One thing I'm not clear on due to the low-quality of the manual graphics is the USB cable for the audio system. I see there is a USB port there and a 3.5mm jack. My first question involves the USB portion- is that just a regular USB A port, same as on a PC? I want to plug in a connector cable to either a phone or a GPS.


2. Next question, let's say I plug in my Android phone into it via a USB C to USB A cable. I use an app called Cartunes now when I ride. I have a bunch of MP3 formatted music on the phone in the music directory. Will the OEM audio system find either the app or the MP3 files? Ditto a GPS unit that can play MP3 files? The audio manual alludes to the system scanning a USB connected device for MP3 formatted music. It also says playlists can be created.



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I don't connect anything to the USB myself, but from previous posts, power will be your issue.  It doesn't have enough milliamps to keep your phone charged.  Or run a GPS for that matter.  So you could connect your phone as a media device, but it won't keep the phone charged.

For power, phone or GPS, you'll need a DIN to USB power adapter.  You could look at a Bovee Bluetooth adapter.  That connects to the USB and headphone jack on the bike.  Then bluetooth from phone to Bovee.  That will make the bike think you have an IPhone installed.

I use a Wunderlich cockpit bag.  I have a Powermate USB power adapter and cable running to the bag to keep my phone charged. If I added that adapter, I could play music off the phone.  But since I'm hard of hearing, that doesn't do me any good.

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