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Iron Butt Run


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I took an Iron Butt ride this weekend. I left Lavonia Ga. at 10 pm Friday night and arrived at Palm Harbor Fl. For breakfast with my son at 6:30 Saturday morning. Left for home at 9:00 and arrived back home just before 6pm Saturday. 20 hours total with about 16 hours actual road rime for 1061 total miles. Music and live traffic updates from my wife helped a great deal. Atlanta traffic at anytime of the day or night can be a parking lot. The RT performed fantastic, cruise control was a lifesaver.



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3 hours ago, Redman said:

THat is a ride.


Do you do the documentation for the IBA?



I am submitting the paperwork for certification.

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15 hours ago, MichiganBob said:

Congratulations! An excellent accomplishment.



Thank you, at 63 I was a little stiff, but the RT did fantastic.


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