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fuel tank & utility pump


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I'm getting ready to change out the fuel filter on my '98 RT. It was showing about 2 bars on the RID when I brought it into the garage, put it up on center stand, and ripped the tupperware off. I disconnected the neg. battery cable, wrapped it in a rag with rubber band, got fire extinguisher handy. I figured I would siphon out any remaining fuel before attempting to take the tank off. I went to wal-mart, they had a utility pump (red looking thing with a few hoses and connectors) that works by pushing/pulling on a knob connected to a shaft. Anyhow, it was missing parts- I brought it back, and it was the last one. I went to Sears- they had a nicer one for $13 made by Mity-Vac. I was glad till I looked on back of package in fine print- it says "do not use for gasoline and/or any other flammable fluids".

1)Does anyone know why this is? My stepdad used one for about 2 years around his house till it broke. But, the warning scared me off. I then tried this bulb siphon pump I've had in my trunk for about a year- could not even get it to work.

2) Can I just take tank off and bring it outside in the driveway (for safety's sake) and change out the fuel filter without draining the tank?

3)Made the rounds of the auto parts stores today-nobody had a fuel hose clamping device. One article I read I thought the guy said they came in a pack of 2 and he used one on supply and return line. Or can I just pull it off (anticipating the spray) and plug it quickly? Anybody have a certain method of plugging that supply line that they like? Thanks.

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3)Made the rounds of the auto parts stores today-nobody had a fuel hose clamping device.
That's odd... these should be very common. Even Sears sells them.


You can also drain the tank by simply disconnecting the return line and letting it drain into a suitable container.

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Regarding your hand siphon pump.

1) Make sure your empty gas can is at a lower level than your fuel tank.

2) Place the long end of the hose in the tank and try to guide into the right (deep) side of the tank.

3) Place your finger over the end of the short end of the hose and pump a couple of times. Let your finger go and you'll get a siphon going.


You have to drain almost all (you can maybe leave in a gallon) of gas in your tank. Otherwise, when you put the tank on its side to access the fuel filter mounting plate, gas with pour out of the fill hole.


I would also suggest having some hose clamps availabe for exchange with the oem connectors on the fuel filter and internal hoses.



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The suction side of my bulb siphon has the short hose, but whatever. Plugging the discharge end of the hose to ensure that air flows out but not in will get things going.


Vice grips make a decent hose cutoff, in a pinch. crazy.gif (I kill myself).


Use some duct tape to secure the fuel lines upward on the tank, take it down to around a gallon. when you get the guts out, pour the rest of the gas into a container using a strainer (like you use to strain paint). You'll be surprised at the crap in there.


Keep track of the electrical plug, it is sometimes hard to fish out if you drop in down in the tank.


Make sure you either replace the big o-ring or else make sure it's mated correctly if it's in good enough condition. The last thing you need is to get things buttoned up, fill er up, and leak.



Make sure you don't bend the float anymore than you haved to and remember to put the filter in the right way. Take a hard look at how things come out; a photo sometimes helps.

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Fer cryin' out loud,

Just go for a little ride and run the thing down till the warning light comes on. That should leave you a gallon or a little less in the tank.

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It's tough to get all the fuel out of the tank because the left side holds some that is unreachable. Even by the fuel pump. Get is as low as you can, then relize you're going to change the filter with some fuel in it. When the tank is off the bike and on it's side to do the filter, the bit of gas that remains is mostly out of the way.


NEVER use a non-approved electic pump for fuel. U go boom! eek.gifbncry.gif

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Thanks for all your advice. Got to work on it early. I got tank off (used 2 needlenose vice-grips clamped onto thick pieces of cardboard on supply & return lines. Plugged the lines quickly when I took them off. Brought tank outside where I had my gas can and funnel awaiting and got out most of the gas. That fuel filter is a pain in the butt! Still curious on why that Mity-Vac utility pump is not supposed to be used on gas. Gas probably destorys the guts of the pump or perhaps they don't want legal liability. This was one of those red ones that you see in stores (manual type, not electric). My bulb siphon pump plain would not work- I think it was just a piece of chinese junk. I read & reread the directions and couldn't get any flow. Since I have cancer and will be selling the bike after my trip (If I ever get bike set- still got rear pads to do), I decided against relocating the filter and just left it stock.

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Still curious on why that Mity-Vac utility pump is not supposed to be used on gas.
The brushes in the little cheapy DC motors in them can spark, setting off fumes in the area causing an explosion.
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He said this was a manual pump, not electric. Probably the plastic it's made of isn't gasoline-resistant, or they just don't want you pumping gasoline around and squirting it who knows where.

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Correct, it was just a manual fluid transfer pump that just uses hand power. Heck, for $13 it might be worth it just to keep in the car for emergencies and if it malfunctions after a couple of months and only works 3 or 4 times, you would not be out much money. The bike had 2 fuel bars on it when I decided to change out the fuel filter. I drove around town for around 15 minutes in heavy, city traffic and after getting cut off by some jerk in a truck yakking away on his cell phone and not paying attention- I just drove it home and ripped off tupperware, figuring I could siphon out the rest. No biggie, I got out most of the gas, and got fuel filter replaced. I think Ed got miffed at my question, not realizing I had whole bike torn apart, when I asked my utility pump question. P.S. If I can remember, I shall call or e-mail mity-vac and get the official word on why you can't pump gasoline with this unit. I will also ask them since it is now 2006, why nobody had been able to come up with the materials for the guts of the pump that would make it gasoline-resistant. We can put a man on the moon but can't make a simple gas hand utility pump?

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