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Illium Rear Guards and Passenger Floor Boards?


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I am having the front and rear protection bars from Illium Works installed on my new RT.  I was thinking about installing the rear floor boards for my wife as a passenger.  I was wondering if when they are floded down if they will interfere with my positioning of my boot on the front pegs.  I dont want the back of my boot bumping up on them and restricting my movement or having them hit the back of my boot every time I start off.  Any one out there with any experience?

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Also have front and rear bars and pass boards. No issues with interfering with my foot (size 43 Daytona boot). My wife has had floorboards on every bike I’ve owned.

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On 10/20/2021 at 12:32 PM, CruisinCruzan said:

 My wife has had floorboards on every bike I’ve owned.

Been thinking my wife might like floorboards on our 2019 R1250RT.  I have the rear Ilium bars; may give floorboards a go.

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When the GTL was introduced at the IMS show at the Javits Center in NYC my wife (born in Germany and is fluent in German) sat on it and called the BMW NA rep over to complain that there were no floorboards for the passenger (I wound up having custom mount/boards made). She said she could complain/curse in English or German, his choice. He couldn’t leave fast enough.

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