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DART Is Coordinating with the Unrally 2022 (Read this for not-too-secret info)


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Many secret things happen backstage at BMWST. Recently we’ve been talking…secretly…to the secret organizers of the soon-not-to-be-a-secret Unrally 2022. DART and the Un will be bumping up against one another in 2022, with the Un following directly after DART. 

Sometime in the next week or two Unrally 2022 will no longer be a secret. I’ve gotten a sneak preview and it’s going to be pretty darned great. Our secret discussions have focused on how to best accommodate those who wish to attend both events. More will follow, but we’re going to move our traditional meal (okay, we did it once) to Friday evening, so that those who don’t want to miss a second of the Un will be able to peel out Saturday morning and still make it comfortably to the Un’s opening ceremonies. Of course, if you’d prefer to stay at DART until Sunday, that would be perfectly fine.

I’m not gonna spill any more beans, but I did want to make it clear that everyone who wants to attend both events can plan to do so. In fact, you might receive some special recognition for making it to both events…like, “Hey, Bob…I see you made it to both events.”

I can hardly wait for the official UnAnnouncement. Plan to attend both. It’s gonna be UnSpectacular!

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If you are attending both DART and The UnRally this year, please let me know by posting here. We would like to reward your suffering in some (as yet undetermined) fashion.




@John Ranalletta I have you and Ruth already!

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