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new Handlebars or Handlebar risers?


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I have a new to me '16 R1200RS and I just did a 700 mile trip after making the purchase. The last two hours I was in sheer agony from the hunched over positioning. My wrists were numb, my hands felt dead, my neck was wrenched, and I feel like I made a horrible purchase for a "sport touring" bike.


Does anyone have any experience with handlebar risers or new Handlebars from wunderlich?

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I have a set of Helibar bar risers that were removed from my 2016 RS and I will never install them again. They raise the bars 1.25" and move them back 1". You can have them for shipping costs. 

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Wow ,that's a strong reaction. I bought my 2016 R1200RS brand new  without a test ride . Quite possibly the only vehicle I've bought that way .

I wasn't 2 miles from the dealership before I started thinking I had also made a huge mistake . I sold my very comfy 2002 R1150R to make room in the garage 

for this $20,000 mistake . 

Be aware some of my other bikes include a 1996 Ducati 916 ,2002 VFR 800 ,1979 R100RS . Everything about the new RS just felt "wrong " .

It took a while for me to get used to the RS , I had to stop comparing it to my other bikes . Relaxing my posture ,especially my forearms and wrists made all the differance .


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Sorry to hear that you don't like the riding position of the RS. I felt awkward on mine until I removed the Helibar risers then it felt right again. However, I came from riding a R1100S and before that a Suzuki RF900R and both had a more of a lean to them. I have ridden my RS over 500 miles in one day without any discomfort with or without using the cruise control. Hope you find the riding position you are looking for so you can enjoy the bike.

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I don't have experience with those from Wunderlich, but I purchased risers from Ilium works and found them to be very helpful. They were easy to install, and made normal riding much easier. While the normal bar position is great when going fast through corners, most of my time is riding straight up to get to the corners. The rise and setback of the Ilium product doesn't inhibit fast riding in corners either.



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