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Automatic £100 fines brought in for motorway lane violations


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On I-85 NB in Norcross, there is a 2-mile flex lane (hard shoulder) between Jimmy Carter Blvd and Indian Trail-Lilburn Rd that has a lighted sign to indicate when the flex lane is open for use.  It is open  M-F,  3pm - 7pm and the speed is limited to 45 mph.  Yeah, right!  The closure is indicated by the red "x" and when it is open the green arrow is displayed.  


For the most part, the lighted signs and 45 mph speed limit signs are mere suggestions.  The only enforcement is from any police that witness any infractions as they happen - if they feel like stopping violators; no cameras are available to catch motorists who violate the law.  


I can attest the lane being used outside the hours of operation, especially later in the day on weekends when the travel lanes back up.   Speed?  Faster that 45 mph, for sure.  

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