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 Believe you demoed the new Pan America and the GSA back to back….and we sees the winner! ;) I slacked on two perfect 04’s (one Whip pointed out) so a third chance is probably not possible but, that’s ok. I’ll enjoy seeing how things play out with yours! :thumbsup:

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Welcome to the club, bought mine 20 years ago, still probably the best motorcycle I’ve ever had. 




Speaking of comparisons, in about 2010 I rode an 1150GS from Highlands to Asheville (300 curves in 60 miles : ) to demo a new Tenere 1200, afterwards I realized it wasn’t nearly as good as the decade old design I’d ridden there on. There’ve been a lot of imitators since, IMO none have yet surpassed it for its intended purpose.


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Riding whips 04 tour west sold me, then I happened on this “‘04” which is really an 06’ which is really an ‘04 with servo brakes put a couple hundred on it today.   Love it

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14 hours ago, lawnchairboy said:

on this “‘04” which is really an 06’ which is really an ‘04

I just thought that 05 might be a good compromise  LOL

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43 minutes ago, Miguel! said:

What is the purpose of the bulbous beak (high fender) on the GS? (BTW, I don't have a GS.) Miguel


The general consensus is to hold beer... :rofl:

though it might have some function at HIGH speed with stability. You'll have to ask Whip and Lawnchairboy about this.


For further reading you might enjoy the responses found on  ADV rider

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