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2014-2018 BMW R1200RT - what gives with the exhaust?


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It doesn't mean a thing.


I'm looking at video's, and I'm noticing that the British BMW's of this series have their exhaust pipe on the right side.  I thought, "Well, they ride on the 'wrong' side of the highway, so it's probably got something to do with that...".   Then I look at MY 2018 (still to be delivered), and every other picture of RT's of this series, and I realize BMW definitely made a design change, i.e. switched the exhaust from the left side to the right side. 


I browsed looking for some discussion, even a mention, of the change, but can't find anything.  It's not the end of the world.  It's just different, and their has to be a reason.


And, I can't find that reason.  Curiosity of this unanswered question, is killing me. 😁

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Somewhere I read it was because most riders mount from the left side. By putting the exhaust on the right side you're less likely to burn your leg.  But it's 2:44AM...how could I possibly be thinking straight? 

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BMW really just wanted to screw around with the after-market side case folks....you know, make their cases not fit the wet heads, causing them to re-design.  Kinda like neck ties:  wider and wider, then skinny..........it's all a game.:3:


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If that difference is driving you nuts, don't look at the drive shaft.


If it's a wethead, the muffler is on the right.

If the muffler is on the left, you are looking at a hex/camhead, or the picture was flipped.

The same parts are used, North America or Europe.


Rear muffler, chrome-plated

From: 09/01/2013

To: -

Weight: 4.866 kg 


Part 18518531078 was found on the following K52 vehicles:

K52 (R 1200 RT, R 1250 RT), R 1200 RT (0A03, 0A13), N/A, , EUR, (0A03) : Rear muffler

K52 (R 1200 RT, R 1250 RT), R 1200 RT (0A03, 0A13), N/A, , EUR, (0A03) : Rear muffler, chrome-plated

K52 (R 1200 RT, R 1250 RT), R 1200 RT (0A03, 0A13), N/A, , USA, (0A13) : Rear muffler

K52 (R 1200 RT, R 1250 RT), R 1200 RT (0A03, 0A13), N/A, , USA, (0A13) : Rear muffler, chrome-plated

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Well, on one review dating back to 2014, I read that BMW carried the 2013 GS motor, frame, and right sidepipe all over to the RT.  So, the decision may have simply been a manufacturer engineering issue, i.e. saving money on commonalities. 

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12 hours ago, Red said:

And why they directed the tyre valves to the same side is beyond me.  A PITA to get to.  They'd be much easier on the left if on the center stand.


True, but getting to those valves on the left side of the bike would be no fun when on the side stand no matter where the exhaust is located.

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