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WTB: 2004 Blue R1150RS

2015 Black RT

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2015 Black RT

I'm looking at a 2005 with 27k miles for $3700, a 2006 with 37k for $4000 in addition to the blue 04 in AZ. I'm hesitant on the 05 since first year models seem to have more problems. The 06 is also a 1 owner. The shipped asking price range between all 3 is only $390.


Any thoughts are welcome.

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I believe the 04, 05 and 06 had the servo whizzy type brakes.  I forgot about the later model FD drain plug issue; good point. 

Ya might want to be patient and hold off for a 07-09.  Don't know your budget but I've seen them come up for 4K to 5.5. with low mileage.

Also, the final drive  and HES issue wouldn't occur as these were fairly prevalent in the earlier 1150 models.

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2015 Black RT
1 hour ago, LBump said:

LOL, great minds think alike, I had posted that bike a few posts back along with a blue 66K 2008 for $5K.


After doing yet more reading, the sweet spot for me is the 2007-09 model. Easier to adjust valves, regular brakes, less likely to have ESA, and should be lower cost. I think I may start a new thread and change my user name.


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