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WTB: 2004 Blue R1150RS


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New member here. I found this forum and thought I'd post a WTB. I'm looking for a specific bike: The solid blue 2004 R1150RS. I tried to link/attach a picture of what I'm looking for but cannot do so. I've seen a number of them in the past for sale, but I'm now in a position to buy one and don't see what I'm looking for currently listed.


I'm located in Florida, but have a uship membership,. so transport may not be an issue unless the bike is on the west coast. Any leads are appreciated.

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$4K +/-. I'm looking at a few different models- the 2004 R1100RS (like it for the reduced fairing & apparent easier access for maintenance), the 2004 1150RT, and the Moto Guzzi Norge. Basically I'm looking for a shaft drive air/oil cooled fuel injected bike with a decent fairing. I'll use it daily as a commuter. I currently ride a 30 year old GSX1100G and I think it may be on its last legs.


On another forum, I had a fellow in Nevada offer a 2004 silver RT at a steal of a price of $2,500, he has records and the bike was well traveled in its 45K miles. My reasoning here is I only purchase a bike about every 10 years, so what I buy I'll keep (absent catastrophic malfunction or a significant crash). I'd like to get pretty much what I want as far as model & color. I finally figured out how to post a pic, here's the RS color I'm looking for:



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Thanks. I'm pretty sure that turned up on one of my WTB threads on another forum. I do have an extra vintage Windjammer V fairing, but not sure how it would look on that, or even if it would fit.

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LOL, for used car movies, there can be only one... Used Cars w/ Kurt Russell!


I like the styling of the K-bikes, but from what I have read they are very difficult to do maintenance work on, plus I don't want a liquid-cooled bike- more complexity.

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LOL, the left lane on my commute is oncoming traffic... it's 2 lane rural like 90% of the way, but I know what you mean- kind of like buying a Charger.


I wouldn't be opposed to an RT-P if the price were right. How difficult is it to remove the rear box and slap a trunk on there?

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So it looks like 3 possibilities at this point. The 2009 with 77K miles had a huge price drop but I was apparently too late for it.

#1 is a well-equipped 2011 R1200RT with 69K miles in good shape (a lot of recent work to include the clutch) for about $4500. It's an hour away +/-:

EDIT- the seller now tells me someone else is ahead of me again. Thinking this one is not meant to be.




#2 is the aforementioned 2002 R1150RT that is about 1.5 hours away, 24K miles and $3450. I really like the style & color, but have concerns over things like surging and spline wear due to the model year. It's the oldest of the 3, but it has by far the lowest miles on it:



#3 is the 2012 Norge, about 3.5 hours away, $4,000 with 74K miles and it has documented maintenance/the roller tappet engine upgrade (an issue for some 2011-12 bikes):





Looks like best bang for the buck may be the 1150, but everything I've read says the 1200 is a much better bike. $1K over 10 years is really a negligible amount (EDIT- looks like that one is not meant to be, updated above). I guess the looks would grow on you once you had one. If I can work out a 3-day trifecta, I'm going to try and look at all of them by Sunday and then buy one of them.

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Yeah, I saw that one. IMO, it's cheaper and a LOT less aggravation (read: TSA) to just have it shipped. For some reason, those bikes are a lot cheaper out west (especially Pacific NW) than here in the SE. There's a blue 2004 at a dealer in Atlanta (about 5 hours away) for around $4600. I'm sure there's a good bit of add-on costs to that based upon my experience w/ dealers. I sent in an inquiry on a MG on eBay a couple of weeks ago that was listed by a dealer up north. Simple question: What are your total added fees? Answer: Call us. Me: No thanks, if you can't answer that simple question I won't do business with you. It's still for sale. I bought a "call for price" truck last year and have regretted it ever since. Similar to these bikes, I bought it for the color scheme and power train.


At this point, I don't think I can go wrong with the Norge. There apparently is no market for them.

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14 hours ago, TEWKS said:

I notice one difference with the northern vs southern bikes for sale… You guys actually ride them! :spittake:

You betcha! I ride to work in anywhere from low 20's to high 90's, 5 days a week weather (lack of rain) permitting. I like colder riding more so than hot. Side note: I had a Warm and Safe 12V heated glove go out & ran through like 5 pairs of Amazon high-rated battery gloves. None worked well. Finally found a great pair of 12V Gerbing EXs that sadly are no longer made.

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I looked at those, but I just can't get past that funky headlight! Maybe like the 1200RT it would grow on me, or maybe just never look at the front of the bike? :grin:


EDIT- Cycle-ergo.com says it has a forward lean angle of 20 degrees! I thought my C10 Concours was bad at 14 degrees. On their scale, my GSX was 5 degrees, the 1150/1200RT are 0, the Norge is 4, and the 1150RS is 17. I changed the bar on my GSX (and added Hayabusa controls to make it go faster :)) so it's now around 0. I suppose I could do the same on an RS/ST.

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I felt the exact same way about that headlight for many years so I get it. Although, BMW has always had a way of bringing me around, it can take time but I usually find something worthy in almost everything they build. :dontknow:

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There is a red one < 400 miles from me, $4,500 and 47K miles. It doesn't look like the windshield would give you any protection.





EDIT- I found this 1200ST aftermarket windshield and it looks good to me, kind of like what I have on my GSX:





That headlight, though...

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20 minutes ago, WTB_04_1150RS said:

I just can't get past that funky headlight

That headlight is one of the best in motorcycling.... Seriously, best I ever had.:thumbsup:


The windshield always worked fine for me..... But it's no RT.......

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1 hour ago, WTB_04_1150RS said:

(especially Pacific NW)

If you find something up here you like, I’d be happy to go look at it for you. I live an hour south of Seattle and work down in Portland, so anywhere in that area is easy. Plenty of room to hold something while it’s waiting to be picked up by you or a shipper. 

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1 hour ago, 9Mary7 said:

That headlight is one of the best in motorcycling.... Seriously, best I ever had.:thumbsup:


The windshield always worked fine for me..... But it's no RT.......


True, great headlight, great bike. An ST is lighter, faster and handles better that an RS and maybe even a Boxer Cup S (had all three). Might be slightly less comfy than an RS but not by a lot. A Pacific Blue RS is a pretty bike though hard to argue with that, would be a tough choice. Irregardless of the looks, the ST headlight works great and you can’t see it when you’re riding.

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19 minutes ago, szurszewski said:

If you find something up here you like, I’d be happy to go look at it for you. I live an hour south of Seattle and work down in Portland, so anywhere in that area is easy. Plenty of room to hold something while it’s waiting to be picked up by you or a shipper. 

Thanks! This is an 1150RT in that area:



$3199 listed for 6 days, 49K miles. If I recall my uship estimates, about $800 from there to here, so about $4K if I paid asking price. What do you think? I'm about to call it a night here, long day, I'll check back tomorrow.



This blue 1200ST is not PNW, but in southern CA for $3800. That tinted windshield would have to go though, as half of my commute is pre-dawn:





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On the RT, I’d want to know what they mean by driveshaft and spline overhaul. If that’s means it had a shaft failure, the conventional wisdom says they engine and tranny are misaligned and it will happen again. I’d also want to see better pics of whatever the “garage rash” is before going to see it in person. But if you got and were happy with those answers, I could ride up and check it out this weekend - no problem. 

For the ST, you wouldn’t look through that shield anyway - it could be painted solid black and be just fine. 

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Well I made another road trip today and test rode a 2012 Norge. It was a nice bike that had been maintained, but after getting it up to road speeds (60-70) I noticed it did not have anywhere close the wind protection my old GSX does. At this point, I'm going to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort/reliability and look at the R1200RT or possibly RT-P (still not ruling out an 1150RT). Need to learn what all the differences are between them for the -P model.


"It's got a cop motor... cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks..."



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