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I don't want to turn this into a typical tire thread....not looking for the best, the smoothest, the best cornering, etc....just reporting on my recent experience.


I have ran Michelin tires for as long as I can remember on cars and motorcycles.  I've had all the PR's except the 5's.  RealShelby who lives in the same area, has the same bike, and rides similar roads, convinced me the try the T31's on the next change....Terry is so good with bikes, I decided to try it.  I can't even remember the last time I wasn't on Michelin.


Report.  I now have about 3500 miles on them.  I'm not sure how to describe this, but in layman's terms the bike is  easier to lean, turn, etc.  Today I got to test them in the rain.  They seemed fine.  I didn't press but I don't anyway in the rain.  There are two things I noticed that has really surprised me.  We have a ton of roads in Texas under construction.  While they are being prepared they have this pattern of lines that have always caused the bike to kind of wobble a bit.  The T31GT's don't do that.  Not sure why, but must be a different pattern.


The mystery is #2.  I fiddle with the info page a lot.  I check tire pressure often.  I run my tires typically at 38/42.  I know the BMW TPMS is temperature compensated. The display with Michelins would show higher temperatures as the tires heated up and I rode further.  I would see on a hot day 38.42 become 40/44.  With the T31's. the readout never changes.  If I start at 38/42 or 36/40...I can ride all day and it never changes.  Makes me wonder if the the 2 compound Michelin is more susceptible to heat.  Don't know....but I am glad Terry talked me into these tires as they are about half price and for me they perform just as well as the Michelins.



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David, the T-31 has the best "tread pattern" for riding grooved pavement I have had to date. Certainly part of why I like them. I do think the pattern, more than simply construction, is a factor in how the grooves pull the bike. I notice you didn't mention noise? These are the least noisy tires I have had. Very little noise and mine are near replacement tread level. 38 in the front will give long life and good wear pattern. I run that when I start out on a long trip. May lower it to 35 in twisties. Watch the rear closely. If you find the center is squaring off much, consider running 39 psi in the rear. I kept records and they show better rear tire wear at that compared to 42. 

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I used a few pairs of Bridgestone T31GT tires on my 2018 WetHead RT and really enjoyed them. Yes, they are much better handling tire than the Michelin PR4GT tires I used on my HexHead RT. But they don't last very long, but the fun factor is worth it.

I have been trying the Michelin Road5GT to find something that will last a little longer. They are nothing like the PR4GT. They have a different thread pattern and they don't handle or wear like the PR4GT tires. In my case the Road5GT last almost twice as long as the T31GT's and I don't get the strange feed back that I used to get with the PR4GT. The handling has been great and confident inspiring, new or old.

Next spring I will be trying out the new T32GT tires from Bridgestone, most reviews I have read are very positive.

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