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SOLD - FS 2005 R1200ST $4000

ST Dan

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The BMW R1200 ST is a unique and effective sport-touring motorcycle. Based on the same fuel injected high torque 1200cc boxer motor, so mechanical parts are easy to get.  Converts from heavy hauler to canyon carver without any tools, just remove the bags, adjust the preload, and go. I bought this bike in 2013, and since moving to the Seattle area in 2019, I am just not riding as much as I did in SoCal.  


This one has lots of extras:
* Wilbers shock with easy remote preload knob
* Corbin seat (ride all day in comfort)
* Taller windscreen
* Remus exhaust
* Electronic Jet Kit (runs smoother and gets more power from the Remus exhaust)
* City and touring cases for the factory BMW hard luggage PLUS Bestem inner bags
* GIVI quick-remove rear trunk
* New battery summer 2021

* Factory heated grips are great for the PNW riding   
* Washington Registration renewed until July 2022


This is Silver-Blue paint scheme, and the paint is in great shape, as it was always stored in a garage. Tires are about 50% wear.


63k miles


Factory exhaust, windscreen, manuals, and some other minor items come with the bike, as well. Bring a buddy or a trailer to carry all the extras back for you.


The ABS pump does NOT work, and the price is based on that.  There is a warning on the panel, but the brakes work perfectly as conventional brakes. You can replace the ABS pump or do the common ABS-ectomy to run as normal brakes.


Higher resolution photos are available (there is a limit on attached photo size).  I will also take a specific picture for you, if contacted by PM.

2005 R1200ST_01.jpg

2005 R1200ST_02.jpg

2005 R1200ST_03.jpg

2005 R1200ST_04.jpg

2005 R1200ST_05.jpg

2005 R1200ST_06.jpg

2005 R1200ST_07.jpg

2005 R1200ST_08.jpg

2005 R1200ST_09.jpg

2005 R1200ST_10.jpg

2005 R1200ST_11.jpg

2005 R1200ST_12.jpg

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18 minutes ago, Rob Nowell said:

I love the looks of this bike!  This is the first time I've ever laid eyes on one.

The ST is a great bike that was probably just too expensive (when new) to compete against the other sport-touring bikes.  Now it is a bargain for what it offers. 


Of course, for me, anything with the boxer motor is automatically better!  This is my second BMW boxer, the first was a 1100 GS that had over 100k miles when I sold it, and that owner is still riding it to check fence lines on a ranch. 

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4 hours ago, 9Mary7 said:

ST's are fun fast bikes..... My son loves my old 05:18:

What is not to love?  :-)  The power of the RT and about 70 pounds lighter.  Until the R1200RS came out, there was nothing quite the same in the BMW lineup again.  

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