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R1100R Fork Seal Replacement.


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This is not a "How to" but only some helpful information I wanted to share after replacing the forks seals on my bike and this seemed like right the place to post it.

#1 You don't have to pull the whole front end apart. You can just remove one fork tube at a time, as show in these left and right photos.

A. See the fender protector and towel covering the tank and gauge cluster? Make sure to protect these from damage as you don't need to disconnect any cables or wiring from the handlebars. You just gently lay them over to the other side.


B. When you lower the tube out of the top triple clamp the front wheel will turn and the top of the tube will want to move forward and push against the headlight bracket. Don't let your fingers get smashed. I used the wooden block to counter this while removing the tube.

C: If you have ABS like I do, you can't thread the sensor wire out of it's mount until you have the fork tube completely loose, be careful not to forget it and accidentally pull on the wiring.


D: (Not shown) Some fool used red loc-tite on the 4mm screw fastening the brake line bracket on the left fork tube, I had to drill it out and replace it with a M5 bolt. I recommend never using red loc-tite on anything smaller then M8, use blue if needed.




#2 Secure the tube somewhere it can't fall over and nothing can fall into it before pulling the top part out (After removing the small air screw in the side of the cap with out losing the tiny o-ring on it) so you don't have to clean it out and/or replace the fluid. 


A: The seal retainer clip is already removed in this photo.

B: The seal comes out very slowly. I used a large flat blade screwdriver. You increase pressure until you see the seal begin to move, then just hold that amount of pressure as it slowly lifts out over several seconds.

C: Clean off the old seal and use it to hammer (gently tap in a cross pattern) the new seal into place.

D: That air screw I mentioned, you can't get to it while the fork tube is in place. During final reassembly, loosen it enough to let air pass and lift the top tube as high as you can while keeping your allen wrench inserted into the screw then tighten it. 


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