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want to buy Hella FF50 need help


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I decide to buy a set of hella ff50 driving lights. sourcing them in Canada is problematic. some places will ship to cvanda but use UPS, I will not have UPS as my shipper on crossborder orders. Can anyone tell me if i can pick them up on my travel to the unrally?

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I got my first set from Susquehanna Motor Sports.


Click on "About Us" and then "Shipping" and you'll notice they ship to Canada using the US Postal Service. All you'll pay is a $5 Canada Post handling fee, the PST and the GST.


I got my second set from Cabela's for US$29.99, but I think that was a one time deal. I haven't seen them listed since.


The Hella FF50s are probably the best bang for the buck and all you really need.

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You will not or cannot use UPS? I'm sure you can find somewhere to buy them south of the border. If you find that less than convenient, I'll be staying at my folks house in Denver prior to the Un and would be happy to receive them there and bring them with me. Alternately, you could have them shipped to your lodging in GunnUNison to your attention and call the hotel/campground and let them know to expect them and hokd them for you.

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You will not or cannot use UPS?



will not use UPS when crossing the border, Whereas Fedex charges ver little to clear customs, on an order such as these lights UPS will cost almost $50.00, outrageous,


i will check to see if ican ship tme to my accomodations of choice and also check the site mentioned



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