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auxiliary driving lights advice


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Hi.   My bike has two auxiliary ADVmonster-30 driving lights mounted to its engine guards and controlled by an Hex EZ-can.    Unfortunately, one of the lights is not working anymore (I think it might have been bumped around during a service last week).    Sadly, I have to replace both lights since they are no longer available and I can't just replace one.   So, I am in the market for a new set of driving lights and am looking for cost-effective suggestions.   I'm looking for 2 to 3 inch diameter led lights that are dimmable and can be bolted onto my existing mounts.    I was hoping that some of you may have some good suggestions.   


Thanks a million,   J  

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Thanks for the suggestions about Clearwater and Baja lights.     I had checked out the Clearwater previously and decided to look around for alternatives.   I had not considered the Baja designs lights before so that's a good lead; some look like they will work.    More homework is needed I guess!   



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The Rocketman

Oh man..... have I got a "cost-effectivedeal for you. I'm 99% sure I have a fully functional complete set of either ADVMonster 30's or 44's in my attic, which I'm not using anymore, since I installed the Denali DR1's on my '09RT. AFAIK the housings were the same size, just brighter lights. If you want them and can use them, they're yours for the cost of shipping. If you're going another route, I'll hang onto them for a rainy day.

Time to pay forward some favors from some very generous BMWST members over the years.

Let me know......Eh?


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Wow that's very generous Larry and as you say very 'cost effective'!   I think that you are right that the housings are the same so they will work with my mounting system.  So,  I will take you up on this unexpected offer.   Thanks a million..... my eyes were starting to glaze over looking at options!   I will follow up with a PM.   John

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The lights arrived today which has to be record time for Canada Post!   They are a perfect match to those I have on my bike so my homemade mounts will work perfectly!    Thanks again to The Rocketman for sending them to me!   

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