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Heading to Connecticut


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I'm heading out on my longest motorcycle trip to date in October to the NW corner of Connecticut.  Looking for suggestions on great roads to ride.  I'll be there a week.

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NW Conn. is similar to western NC in that there almost aren’t any bad roads. Anything around Lime Rock and over the NY border toward Pine Plains is good. Haven’t been there recently but there used to be little traffic and fun riding. If you’ve never done the Taconic Parkway it’s kind of cool and scenic too, no commercial traffic allowed.

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Ha started typing this earlier but got distracted, I see Bill picked up my dropped ball. :classic_biggrin: 


Yup make your way over to Limerock, maybe something interesting happening during your time schedule.



Also, head west into NY. You can pick up 22 N if you don’t want to go as far as the Taconic (not that far really) but 22 is nice too. Take it up to Rt 2 east which is a pretty nice section. Mt. Greylock is a worthy stop.


Toymaker’s Cafe was a nice breakfast stop but Covid downsized their operation to weekends only, and just coffee and pastries. 




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Wayne Johnson

The local club I bmw club CBRV weather pending usuallys has a weekly ride through northwest ct or western mass. It is usually a tues-thur date the Maxbmw in South Windsor should probably be able to supply the day or Pm me and I can let you know when. typically a 150 mile ride

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I would suggest a trip to Vanilla Bean Cafe, not sure if it is on your route. Almost always a few bikes there or a car club. Gravel parking lot but good roads in the area. And probably the only place in New England to offer Buffalo burgers.




Buffalo Burger$15.00
100% Buffalo, low in fat but full in flavor; served on a seeded roll with spicy ketchup


Or for a bit of movie trivia, head to Mystic PIzza


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