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12K Service Interval


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I was fortunate to attend the recent event in Sparta, NC.  First timer.  On Friday my 2018 R1200RT was used to demonstrate how to perform the required 12K service.  We replaced the oil in both engine and final drive, cleaned the brakes and replaced the brake fluid, replaced air filter, and checked valve lifter gaps and cam alignment to top-dead-center.  A big thanks the Brad “BoxFlyer” for the generous sharing of knowledge, tools and practical instruction to accomplish all 12K requirements.  I have owned my bike for 11 months, put on 6K miles and never knew the Boxer engine could run as smooth as it does now.  There was always some clatter to the sound, but no more.  After a total of only 13K miles both cams needed to be aligned and we replaced 4 of the 8 shims.  I am now a big fan of the Boxer engine and am confident with the instructions received from Brad that I can perform all required maintenance.  Please continue to offer opportunities to learn at the rallies.  Again, thank you Brad and the BMW Sport Touring Board for providing the opportunity.







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