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2016 R1200GSA auxiliary driving lights


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So I have the factory installed auxiliary led lights on my GSA. One of them does not always light. If I hit the light housing it will come on. 


Is there any way to service these or are they sealed? Can I take it apart and look for loose wires or is the only option a replacement at $230 from bmw?

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For $230, and if it's out of warranty, I'd consider taking them apart and looking for a loose wire that might need soldering. However, since they're LED, there's really only three things that could be wrong.. The fault could lie in the LED bulb, in the wiring to the LED, or in the current regulation, from the output of the battery or alternator.


If the other side works fine, and you bang on the housing to get it to light, that seems more like a broken solder point or wire rather than a bad capacitor.


Might be worth seeing if it opens up and take a look.



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For what its worth, if you have a factory Aux Light that looks like this one, then I recommend buying a replacement on eBay.  At this writing, they are selling for about $75 per pair.  I bought a set for my 2017 RT and mounted them on the front engine bars.  Later I bought a 2019 RT with the factory lights installed, and so I had a chance to compare them side-by-side.  The fit and finish is more or less identical.  And the aftermarket lights are brighter and have superior off-angle conspicuity. 




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