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OBD II (Check Engine Light Translator)


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With 141k miles on its clock, I now have a check engine light on my 2002 Chevy Avalanche that I need to read.  

Looking for a Bluetooth’ed device for Apple. 
many suggestions?  


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I have a 2003 Suburban and a 2002 2500HD pickup.  If I were you I'd just get a simple code reader like this.  You can get them for less than $30 on Amazon and they are super easy to connect and use on your model vehicle.  I have Bluetooth models as well but find them a bit of a pain to use.  They take time to connect and set up.  By the time you go to use it again if you're like me you will have forgotten some of the steps and have to reteach yourself.  I use the more sophisticated Bluetooth scanner on my Triumph Tiger and to read injectors' status on my Duramax.  In both those cases I need the more sophisticated readers, but for everyday code reading and resets the model below is fast and easy.



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I assumed that a unit with an input/output would cost more then a unit that needs a phone/pad. 

I like that your offering is stand alone but like some of the advantages of the bluetoothed version.  
The FIXD offering can stay plugged in & constantly gather info. Not sure I need that but makes storage a snap:thumbsup:

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Yes Richard I hear that an auto parts store will read the code but will they perform this at 02:00 while I’m wearing just my skivvies or even less?:rofl:


Seriously, time is money too & sometimes trumps a penny saved is a penny earned. 
The cost of one of these will pay off quick enough.    

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Joe Frickin' Friday

I bought this a few years ago, $13.  It works.  There are probably a dozen out there like it on Amazon.  


Unfortunately, on further review I see it doesn't work with Apple.  Sorry....

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Definitly not the cheapest option, but I bought it for its size to carry on my FJR, which works with an adaptor cord.  Have used it successfully on the FJR and two Honda cars as a regular OBD reader without issue.  Can also be left in for diagnostic while driving.  If you've got a cell connection you can also get info regarding the trouble codes and possible fixes.  Was very handy when I had weird computer issues with the van.


BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD

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OUCH!!!  Just ordered.

Looks like it’s the classic case of buy once/cry once. 
Hoping that the assisting data base makes it with it. 
I like that’s it appears NOT to be made in China eh?

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