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Battery maintainer for 1/2 ton truck, recommendations


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We have a Chevy truck that sits on the side yard for weeks months un-used. 
I need to maintain the battery & looking for a compact reliable unit. 

Leaning towards a Batterytender (brand) & don’t know what I need (4, 3, 1.25 amp or????)



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I see you have ordered a 4 amp maintainer. I have always just used my motorcycle charger, a Battery Tender Jr., which is a .75 amp charger, I think. Works fine.

Let us know how you like the new charger.

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Ok, I caved & ordered the 1.25A unit  instead. 


It’s a compromise as it’s not micro nor excessive.
I like the form factor of this one vs the mini mA  versions as I intend on permanently installing it & this one has a corded connection vs a direct plug connection that will make plugging in/disconnecting easier. 

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