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Your Recomendations on Gloves


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I'm doing a 6K tour in less than a month. I already have some gerbing electric gloves for the higher elevations, and colder climates, I'll encounter in CO, WY, MT, and ID. I have vented gloves for any hot weather. I need a pair of comfortable gloves, to be used the most, for long days.

Any recomendations?

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Held Ceramics are among the most comfortable gloves I have, and I have about 15 pair. Good protection and not too warm as well as being very flexible.


At a slightly lesser protection level, BMW makes some great touring gloves.

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Another vote for the Held Steve's. I've ridden all over Colorado with mine, and combined with the heated grips, they cover a wide range of temps. I've never had to use my Gerbings between May and about Sept/Oct in CO. I got my Steve's from New Enough. I measured my hand per the instructions at New Enough (or was it the Held website...not sure now) and found it to be accurate. Most BMW dealers I've been to also carry them, and I tried on sizes to verify the measured recommendation. I'm 6'3 and 190lbs and usually wear L or XL gloves depending on manufacturer. My Gerbings are a L, but my Cortech Mesh gloves are an XL. I ended up with the 9 1/2 (L+) in the Steve's.

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I like the Held "Steve Glove" as a good most weather glove. They are good in the hot climate here too.


LOVE my Held Steve gloves... crashed in them and the rivets on the palms did what they're supposed to: protect my hands from damage as I slid across pavement.


The gloves and my Cruiserworks boots are the only two items that did NOT need replacing, of what gear I was wearing when I went down. I STILL wear them pretty much every day I ride, nearly two years later.



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I've got the Held Steve gloves and my wife has some Parks gloves she got in Lima. Both very high quality. I love my Held Steve's!

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Another vote for Lee Parks "Deer sports." Great medium weather glove.


I like the silly Joe Rocket vented gloves... they are shaped better to my "on the grips" hands than any other vented glove -- sizing runs small.


I also have some Held gloves that are beautifully made, but they are stiff, and the little multi-skid-pucks on the "thumb palm" are annoying.

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