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Ceramic Exhaust Header Coating


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The exhaust headers and catalectic converter on my 2013 R1200R are starting to look pretty bad. I polished them a few years back but it did not last more than a week. I have heard people getting their headers ceramic coated. I was wondering if anyone has had this done where did they send them to be coated and how long did it last? Any information would be great.


Roger L 

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I posted a link or two in reference to your concern. 

This site is becoming questionable as far as posting?? :P


They posted , then they did a non post....


I suppose the Administration didn't approve.


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Thanks for the information in the post in the HexHead forum. I asked this question in both of the forums intentionally so that  I could get information from both the HexHead and the CamHead groups. 



Roger L 

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