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F800 Ride

John Bentall

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John Bentall

I have a F800S with 350 miles on it as a loaner today. What a fun bike - 85 BHP in a 200kg (wet) machine.

The engine is really smooth for a parallel twin as I did not find it vibey. 4,000 rpm corresponds to 70 mph and it will cruise like that all day. There is plenty of torque for the weight and it pulls strongly and evenly from 3,000 rpm.

The bike is lovely and flickable, brakes are excellent and I did not find the dive of the conventional forks disconcerting after 5 years of Telelever.

I think there is plenty there to make it a viable alternative to a Honda VFR Interceptor ,and I believe it will be a great success for BMW. Anybody thinking of a 1200ST should give this one a ride as well.

What didn't I like about it compared to my 1200RT - well, I think you can guess. Flies on the visor (where's the screen) and the sporty riding position that put a painful amount of weight on my aging wrists.

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John Dickens

With a bit of luck the ST version should address both the dislikes you mention. I'm certainly looking seriously at an ST as a replacement/second bike.

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My name is Rob and I'm new on this forum. I live in The Netherlands and after I made a testride on the F800S, I ordered a F800ST (delivered End June).


Allthough it is a fine bike for me, I noticed the following:

a sort of 'clicking' between coasting and driving (holding in gas and speeding up again).

This happened only in the lower gears and when I came below 2500 tpm.


Nevertheless this occured I bought the bike, because I think I have to get used to this, because I come from a R1150GS, where You can drive with very low tpm.

It could be so that after running in the bike this is not occuring anymore or not all the F800 bikes has this phenomenon.


Note: on a German forum someone had the same, while another one didn't.


Did anyone noticed the same?


If so, is it still there after the bike is run in?


Hope to hear from You.





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