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Found out today I'm going to be rich :)


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Internet home phone  from John Adams...I was surprised at the name as accent was strong.  Well turns out I've won $2.5 million and a new Mercedes.  All I need to do is give him my bank account number, routing number, Drivers License, and Social Security and he will send me the money overnight.  Should be there tomorrow.  I really wanted the money faster so offered to meet in person.  Turns out he isn't local so he couldn't meet with me.  I have another plan.  Tell me what airport you live nearby and I'll have my pilot come give your the information.  You will recognize the plane when it pulls up because it says  HARRIS COUNTY SHERRIFS OFFICE on the door panel.  He will step out and give you ever thing you need.  For some reason the guy hung up.  I can't seem to find his number to call him back so hoping you guys can help.  I would hate to lose those prizes over a bad VOIP call.:3:

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