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Bike fried your iphone camera?


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26 minutes ago, AnotherLee said:

Afternoon AnotherLee


Yes, this has been a well noted problem for some newer  phones on some motorcycles. A number of my riding friends have damaged their phone's optical image stabilization system with phone mounted to their motorcycle. 


One guy I know has been though (3) I-Phones with the last 1failing even using an isolation type phone mount.  



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I’m hoping that this malady doesn’t befall me. I use a Quad-Lock mount with a vibration damper. I’ve read, though I can’t vouch for this, that the problem generally arises when the camera is being used while it’s mounted to a bike.

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I destroyed my first X-R in a month on my G310GS. But that bike vibrates a lot more than my RT and half the miles were on forest roads.  My replacement XR has been on my RT for 2 years and about 12,000 miles and is still ok.  I ended up using my Nav V on the GS and keep the phone in my jacket.

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