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GTL backrest


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Short story is I bought a GTL top case.  After a few years, I've decided I like the look of the lower RT backrest as my wife doesn't ride on the back anyway.  So I'm offering up the GTL backrest.

Just a warning, the swap isn't for the faint of heart.  The GTL backrest requires different hinges as the backrest has 2 extra screws that mount to the hinges.  To get the hinges off, you have to take off the top shell.  Remove the pins for the shocks.  That part was the hard part.  Took 45 minutes of wiggling and pulling to get those out.  Then the lower inner shell has to be removed as well.  So we're talking a good 50 screws, or what felt like it.  Took me probably 1.5 hours to accomplish.


If you were to buy all these parts off Max BMW, here's the break down.  I might be missing a bolt or two off the list.  But this is the majority of it.



upper pad 46 54 8 521 672  333.28

lower pad 46 54 8 521 671  472.41

hinge left 46 54 8 527 775  59.32

hinge right 6 54 8 527 776  59.32

lower screws 46 63 7 657 650 2.52 x2




So I'm asking $350.  No rips or tears.  Maybe a free bug gut on it.  That's it.  We'll negotiate shipping depending on what the buyer prefers.  Shipping out of Bismarck, ND.


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I know this is an old thread, but I still have this backrest available.

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